Wendy van Dijk gets again very hard to Youp van ‘t Hek

ac0920a1913555e4477160d14034e83f - Wendy van Dijk gets again very hard to Youp van 't Hek

The peace was signed between Wendy van Dijk, and Youp van ’t Hek, but that seems now, yet clean appearance. The presenter gets on Twitter hard to the comedian because of his cancellation of the tv-show The Quiz.

“But not the confrontation.. anyway but to cancel. Coward,” writes Wendy on Twitter. Van ’t Hek had in his column in the NRC last weekend to know that he no longer wanted to appear in the program, after host Paul de Leeuw had a criticism on his statements about Gijs van Dam. That was by the columnist a “pisnicht”. This weekend, he said: “I had just happen to said yes to his program The Quiz. And that I have this week, but just cancelled. I do not want next to a presenter sitting with a tar soul so that I my words should go watch.”

A year ago, Wendy and Youp even though rolling about the streets. Erland Galjaard, the man of the presenter, was by Van ‘t Hek accused of “kneuzenmisbruik”, as a result of the reality tv series, with Peter Jan Rens and his wife, Virginia. The two laid a few months later, their fittie in order to raise money for hersenstamkanker. But now there is so again, the harm to arise…

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