Wendy van Dijk calls Youp van ‘t Hek ‘coward’ after cancel The Quiz

1a78db54648a3dd84d467962254b51ea - Wendy van Dijk calls Youp van 't Hek 'coward' after cancel The Quiz

Wendy van Dijk has on Twitter spoken out against Youp van ‘t Hek. The presentratrice calls the caberetier a ‘coward’, because he is his participation in the television show The Quiz afzegde after he words was with Paul de Leeuw.

The Lion had it in a column in the AD spoken about Of the Witch’s use of the word pisnicht in its NRC-column. “If you are in the current climate, words like pisnicht, poof and poot uses, that may be as offensive to be experienced. Especially in this period of time, which you will as gay men still are more fearful and more frequently in the public is verbally abused or attacked.”

Decided Youp van ‘t Hek his participation in The Quiz, a program in which he and Paul the Lion would sit, to say. “I had just happen to said yes to his program The Quiz, “writes Van ‘t Hek. “And that I have this week, but just cancelled. I do not want next to a presenter sitting with a tar soul so that I my words should go watch.”

A decision as to where Wendy van Dijk disagree, it appears, so she made Monday via Twitter.

But not the confrontation.. anyway but to cancel. Coward


Time of placing
08:39 – February 12, 2018

It is not the first time that Van Dijk with the caberetier in the clinch. Van ‘t Hek had previously criticised Van Dijks man Erland Galjaard. The two gave in and joined forces to raise money for the nagellakactie of Tijn van Kolsteren, the now deceased boy who is nationally known by his action for 3FM Serious Request.

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