VTM makes Flemish version of The Luizenmoeder

bfbd4495d1244ee78332e4f441e8068f - VTM makes Flemish version of The Luizenmoeder

VTM is a private version broadcast of The Luizenmoeder, the innovative comedy from the Netherlands. The series will be made by production house Lecter Media that the rights bought for Flanders.
The Luizenmoeder since the beginning of this year to be seen by our Neighbors and is a huge success. The series breaks all kijkcijferrecords and has nothing but rave reviews.

The Luizenmoeder is located in one of the most recognizable arenas: the world of the primary school. Because everyone has ever been to school, now has children in school or sitting still at that school. The series is a satire on the behavior of parents, school staff and the children. The school is a reflection of the contemporary world, with its own schoolpleinregels, parking management, hangouders, tienminutengesprekken, klassenapp-groups, and… luizenmoeders.

Davy Parmentier and Ricus Jansegers, member VTM: “We are at VTM charmed by the very recognizable, contemporary and innovative humor of The Luizenmoeder. The series holds a mirror up to you.”

Jan Segers, producer at Lecter Media: “I am immediately after the broadcast of the first episode of the Luizenmoeder on NPO3 tipped. I watched the episode and I was immediately sold. Everything seems to fit to this series. The success is not accidental, but the result of the great work of a – probably – superstraf team. We are also very proud that we have the rights to acquire and that we have the series for VTM. The desire is, of course, very large.”

The recordings for the Flemish version still start this year, the casting will be the following weeks begin. The broadcasting will later be made known.

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