Victims Russian vliegtuigramp ‘to be mutilated in order to identify’

04932376e779a16bab63eed497a6d49a - Victims Russian vliegtuigramp ‘to be mutilated in order to identify’

Emergency personnel search for remains at the site of the crash.

After the plane crash near the Russian capital, Moscow, hit there more details known about the victims. But the identification is a difficult task.

A passenger plane that was heading from Moscow to Orsk, near the border with Kazakhstan, on Sunday shortly after takeoff crashed. All 71 passengers (65 passengers and 6 crew members) were killed. What is the cause of the crash is not yet clear.

Witnesses say that they have a burn unit off the air saw fall. According to Russian sources, many victims are so serious and unrecognizable mutilated that they can only be identified by their DNA to match with that of family.

The Russian authorities have in the meantime also ordered to with drones in the search for bodies and pieces of wreckage of the plane.

Girl of 5 youngest victim

On the basis of, among others, about ship passenger lists it is clear who on the plane. A girl of 5 years old is the youngest victim. Also her 32-year-old mother came to life.

A 12-year-old boy belongs also to the victims, just like a doctor of 53 years. A young boy of 17 was seated on the plane.

According to the governor of Orenburg, the region where the plane normal to go had to fly, certainly more than 60 of the victims from that region. But a number of Russian sources reported that there are also foreigners from Switzerland, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan on the ill-fated aircraft were on board.

All six crew members died in the crash.

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