USA want to withdraw from funding ISS

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The American government wants to end its funding of the International Space station (ISS), as has the newspaper Washington Post, Sunday, on the authority of an internal document of the ruimtevaartbureau NASA reported. It may be possible the Us segment after 2024 in privately owned.

The cessation of public funding does not mean that the space station is out of service is taken, loud the. ‘May the industry some share or capacities do continue to function as part of a future commercial platform’.

The ISS is a joint venture of USA, Russia, Japan, Canada and the European Ruimtevaartbureau ESA with one of the participating countries austria, Belgium.

Critics of the plans of the government-Trump say that Washington is not, therefore, unilaterally the complex can privatize.

According to the Washington Post, the US is already 100 billion dollars spent on the construction and operation of the spacemeccano.

Since the presidency of George Bush (2001-2009) spends NASA some tasks to the private sector. Now ensure private companies like SpaceX and Orbital ATK for the (U.s.) supply of the ISS.

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