Ukraine put Saakasjvili country from the direction of Poland

0003efb1bd93b076720e0a8f6d8aba6c - Ukraine put Saakasjvili country from the direction of Poland

Ukraine has Monday Mikheil Saakasjvili, the Georgian ex-president who until oppositiepoliticus in Ukraine kicked off, the country turned off. The stateless Saakasjvili is on a flight to Poland; from that country he would, in september Ukraine illegally received.

Earlier Monday, it was the controversial politician, who both are Georgian as his Ukrainian citizenship revoked saw in a restaurant in Kiev arrested. Saakasjvili was expelled “because he is illegally on the Ukrainian territory, was,” came in a communiqué of the border guard.

Warsaw reported Monday night Saakasjvili to have admitted, because he ‘with an EU-onderdane is married’. The former Georgian president, is married with the Dutch Sandra Roelofs.

In december it was Saakasjvili, who are in Ukraine trying to appear as the leader of the opposition against the ‘corrupt and fraudulent regime of president Petro Porosjenko, already picked up. He was, however, even by supporters freed from the car that will take him to the prison transports. Shortly thereafter, he was sentenced to house arrest. That has now expired.

The public prosecutor’s office in Kiev accuses the stateless, pro-American politician, regimevijandige demonstrations to keep up with the financial help of the in the coup of 2014 deposed president Viktor Janoekovitsj.

The supporters of Saakasjvili reacted furiously and came Monday night and all the streets in Kiev.

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