Tonga is preparing for the arrival of cyclone Gita

987eaf1f062794787bf0e3d7f681bbcf - Tonga is preparing for the arrival of cyclone Gita

The archipelago of Tonga has Monday, with the eye on the arrival of cyclone Gita the state of emergency was declared. In the capital is a curfew.

The authorities are aware that Gita be the largest cyclone in the history of the country can be.

The hurricane wins, meanwhile, is still in force as they near the islands approaching. According to the Fijian weather service will the natural disasters have become a tropical storm from category 5 when the Monday night Tonga reached.

In its passage through the Samoa islands caused by the cyclone Friday night heavy floods. About 200 persons were evacuated.

The authorities of Tonga call on the population to unnecessary movements to avoid. In the capital Nuku’alofa is a curfew in force ” to the population and to protect their possessions’.


According to Philip Duncan of the New Zealand weather service show the models that Gita Tongatapu, the main island of Tonga, directly threatens to take. But when Gita is not to country, there can be significant damage. “If the cyclone more to the north or to the south attracts, it is technically possible that he’s not going to land, but weather conditions are very heavy with gusts up to 230 km/h and waves more than 10 meters high on the sea’, says Duncan.

In this period of the year are cyclones far from a rarity in the Pacific Ocean. Tropical storms of category 5 have shown themselves to generally be extremely destructive. In 2016, came at the passage of the cyclone Winston on Fiji 44 people, and in 2015 was cyclone Pam is responsible for 11 deaths and 65,000 destroyed homes in Vanuatu.

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