Therefore, stepped temptress Yana at Temptation Island

5d82b198232c320905d73a5954fa52f4 - Therefore, stepped temptress Yana at Temptation Island

The creators of Temptation Island gave Sunday that the Ostend Yana Daems soon no longer will Temptation Island. The 670cc breasts conditioned young lady simply did not like it and stepped to the production of Temptation Island and asks them to go home. “She is, after consultation with the production for personal reasons earlier than expected from Thailand returned”, showed the press spokesperson of FIVE this weekend know. To all the gossip the head, and decided to Yana Monday afternoon to unpack with a movie in which she tells us why exactly the program wanted to leave. “That was actually mainly because I’m so totally not amused. I was bored there, really, that was totally my thing. I asked me really wonder, ‘what the fuck am i doing here? So then I went home. No other reason – what I heard or have read agrees with this truth. So just stop it with all the things to think of because it draws on nothing”, says Yana on Instagram.

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