The Topdokters cross the border

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Professor Veerle Visser-Vandewalle takes us in the second episode of Topdokters to the cathedral City of Cologne. Its habitat is located in the Uniklinik, where they have the service in “functional neurosurgery”.

Professor neurochirurge Veerle Visser-Vandewalle specializes in diepehersenstimulatie, in which psychiatric and movement disorders treats. A man, who since his 15th birthday, a tremor to the hands and head, disappeared by his condition more and more from social life. After years of various treatments, in which nothing helped, is his last hope at the professor for a diepehersenstimulatie. This heavy procedure takes a whole day, with the patient awake.

Doctor. Hes, also neurosurgeon but specialized in back and neck, gets a man in for a consultation, which is paralysis on his foot. He will need a hernia operation undergone in order to further paralysis to prevent.

Professor Morlion starts his day early. It is a day of the pain and the pijnarts is invited by radio Nostalgia for a word of explanation. The professor is chairman of the European pijnliga and see every day people with chronic pain. A man that 6 years ago, a stroke was given, lives every day with pain and it is becoming ondraaglijker. Prof. Morlion looks together with his team, how the pain can soften, because the cure can’t anymore.

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