The snow hamper search for wreckage crashed plane

f203018b92c74f7eadc04e90db4fc7a5 - The snow hamper search for wreckage crashed plane

MOSCOW – rescue Workers are on the whole night continued with the search of the field where Sunday, a Russian plane crashed. They hope among the wreckage, among more clues to find the cause of the accident. In the meantime, there is a black box with flight information outdated, report Russian media.

The winter conditions complicate the surgery. It can take days before the vast area of wreckage is combed, let the research team know. More than five hundred people to the remote area, sent to the scene of the accident to search. Alone to get there is by the snow can be a chore.

On board of the Antonov An-148 were 71 people when the unit by an as yet unknown reason crashed. No one survived the accident. Government employees suspect that the accident is due to weather conditions, human error or a technical defect.

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