The Posjes on a roadtrip in new program

4632246d471d1041cacfb0036fed4a49 - The Posjes on a roadtrip in new program

The family Pos gets re-program on RTL. Vamos with the family Pos is the series called. It is the family followed during their tour through South America.

“We were already planning to have a roadtrip to make,” says father Stephan. His sons now have three months free and that means that the family on the road. Stephan suggested RTL on the height of the holiday plans. “The channel liked it enough to make a program to make”, he added. Ilona and Stephan have each have a very different picture of the holiday. So Stephan preferably cool things to do with Bjorn and Tygo while Ilona like to be by the pool sipping on a delicious glass of bubbles.

The family Pos was known by the program at All the end. Therein were three families who followed to Chile emigrated. The family produces in their new country of wine possecco call.

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