The family Pos gets her own spin-off show

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The family Pos gets her own spin-off show

Vamos with the family Pos is from 2 may on television ©RTL/Talpa

Have you also enjoyed the family Pos during the programAll the way to the End?’ In that case, there is good news; Ilona, Stephan and the children get their own reality show on RTL4! After a wijnimperium built in Chile it was time to go on vacation. The family goes on a roadtrip through South America, and there is a camera crew along to all of these magical moments in the picture.

The Chilean wine of the Posjes ©RTL/Talpa


Stephan Pos let to RTL Boulevard already know for a while is going to be an extended trip to make. “Now the boys are three months are free, can it finally. We have our holiday reported to the manufacturer and RTL and liked it enough to a program.” Ilona, the partner of Stephan is completely in her element with the happy news. “The name of our trip, Steef thought: ‘Vamos With The Family Pos’. Yes, you can not imagine, but we are very creative, hahaha!”.

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What exactly is on the program during their holiday there are the Posjes still not really. Ilona rest prefer to be out at the pool, while Stephan preferably with two sons, Bjorn and Tygo exciting adventures you want to experience. The roadtrip is going to in any case by several South American countries. In addition to Chile, also Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru visited.

Vamos With The Family Pos is from Wednesday, may 2, every week, broadcast on RTL4. In total, there are six episodes of the brand new reality-soap.

The family Pos?

The family Pos made himself immortal during their performance in ‘All the way to the End?’ On the internet, went to the weekly about the international adventures of Stephan, Ilona, Bjorn, Tygo and the animals.

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