Temptation temptress Yana leave the island earlier

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For the first time in the history of Temptation Island will leave temptress Yana Daems the tropical island. The underlying reason behind the departure is surprising..

“Finally I can let you know what is the reason of my departure,” writes Yana on Instagram. “The reason I wanted to get away was actually just because I’m totally not amused, I was bored just,” said the busty blonde.

She adds: “It was in fact totally isn’t my thing and I asked me really wonder: what the fuck am i doing here? So therefore I am left. I have it on the production asked me if I was allowed to leave and eventually if the. This is the only reason that I left so people should stop with things come up, because that is simply not so.”

The next two episodes is Yana still to be seen in the RTL5-program.

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