Spice Girls to consider separate concerts

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There will be no tour by the United States and Great Britain; however, the Spice Girls, the idea of a reunion show not quite let go of. According to The Sun think the women now, after about an idea for a number of self-contained concerts.

After the Spice Girls at the beginning of this month suddenly again at each other had come, it was not much later that an English and an American tour in the pipeline was. Last Saturday was Victoria Beckham, however, put an end to all anticipation by stating that the group is not going to be touring. But, she added, the girls thought, however, after about other ways of working together to do something.

According to sources, that The Sun cites, thinks the management under the leadership of manager Simon Fuller is now on a number of concerts, spread over a few major cities around the world. That would better fit the current life situation of the Spice Girls.

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