Show, and Three are Blind Married

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Monday night you could Blind Married see how to Show & Three tie the knot gifts.

Before the wedding room inside got, went to Frieze stresslevel a bit out of the height in: “Just before I went in, flashed all the negative things that could prevent, by m’s head. What if he me not, or I don’t like him, in terms of appearance then? What if I am and he says nothing?” From the first minute, however, was Three immediately reassured: “He is great, very good. I had higher heels will be able to wear. In appearance, he is really my thing. I have not a type but Tone is a neat, tidy and pleasant man, very social and supergrappig. It is ne good”, laughed Three.

Also Show was positive and happy that the wedding is behind us: “I am enormously relieved that I finally know who it is, that the finally of the job. We have each seen and spoken with, and it went smoothly, not embarrassing, I’m really completely at ease. When the ships Three proposed, I thought, really: check, check, check.”

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