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Shocking death in Moordvrouw

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Fans of Moordvrouw were startled by a shocking twist: one of the beloved characters was in the episode last night to death. The character belonged for many seasons to hoofdcast. Fans and the actors themselves are in tears.

“I am just killed,” laughs Fockeline Ouwerkerk by her tears. Her character Liselotte van Kempen was in the seventh season unexpectedly murdered by the villain Polaris. The actress posted a video on her social media accounts along with colleague Wendy van Dijk, who played the role of detective Fenna Kramer played. “In real life I am so still, but not more in Moordvrouw.” Colleague Wendy pressed a kiss on her cheek while Fockeline to cry.

Dear all… what a stunning, sweet and sad comments… thank you so much for the faithful to take a look! I have with a lot of love Liselotte van Kempen played in @moordvrouw and I will t noooooooit forget! Thick cushion for my moordvrouwvriendjes forever in my heart sitting @wendyvandijk3 @achmedakkabi @thijsromer, the great directors that I have allowed to work and not to mention the top team behind the scenes! You rock! No more crying, I’m not gone! Thick thick cushion for all of you 💋💋💋

A post shared by Fockeline (@fockeline) on Feb 11, 2018 at 12:38pm PST

Wendy van Dijk

In the series is the character of Fenna is inconsolable when she discovers that her colleague has died, but also Wendy van Dijk himself is affected. “We were able to self not to, I had the whole time crying, but that makes it real,” she says. In the episode, the detectives meesterhacker Polaris ever closer to the track. As Fenna and Liselotte assistance after an attack in a tunnel, Polaris Liselotte a lethal injection.


Fans on social media are affected by the news. “Who thought it a good idea to Liselotte from the series to write?” asks a fan. It was previously character Menno de Waard (Porgy Franssen) is already killed in the series. Also actors from the series itself to respond. “Revenge for Liselotte is the only thing on my mind right now,” tweet Achmed Akkabi, that detective Bram plays in Moordvrouw.


Fockeline to thank the fans for their reactions after her unexpected departure. “What an overwhelming sweet and sad comments… thank you so much for the faithful to take a look!” They also know that they have the role, which they have since season two played, with lots of love played on. “I will never forget.”

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