Shay Mitchell nude by Los Angeles

760aa67b8e22921daf5ec57db5f61c10 - Shay Mitchell nude by Los Angeles

The actress from Pretty Little Liars had a bet lost.

Pretty Little Liars actress Shay Mitchell has a special way to share a YouTube milestone celebrated. She was dressed only in underpants and with eenhoornmasker on the streets for a walk around the block.

Shay came in that way, a promise that they ever did to her assistant Sammy. If they have three million followers would have, she would be naked on the street running. “Well, here it is guys,” writes Shay in the description of the video. “Thank you for three million followers on YouTube. There are still many more adventures to… I promise.”

In the video to see how Shay to her promise is remembered by Sammy. She adds the action to the word, pull it out and disappear with the mask by the gate of her garden. Her assistant follows the actress and then by car through the streets of Los Angeles.

Shay played for years the role of Emily Fields in Pretty Little Liars. The series came last year after seven seasons to an end.

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