Sharon Doorson reveals gender of baby

8699a5b941b8ca7bc28ac6e997e54939 - Sharon Doorson reveals gender of baby

Last year december, Sharon Doorson (30) announced that they for the first time in expectation. Monday she shares on Instagram the disclosure of the sex of the baby.

“Okay. This is the conclusion!!! We get a….”, says Sharon in the movie, after which they are then, together with her boyfriend Brunno Moneiro Tavares a rocket kindle. The pink smoke says enough: they are expecting a girl.

Sharon, who participated in talent programs Popstars: The Rivals (2004) and The Voice of Holland (2012) is shared in december a number of echofoto. When she is precisely let them are still in the midst.

The thirty years ‘ singer lives with her boyfriend, with whom she had six years together is, in Schiedam, the netherlands.

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