Russell Simmons was hidden in Bali

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After multiple women him of sexual abuse and even rape have been accused of, has hiphoplegende Russell Simmons have taken refuge in Bali. Here stay he in in a yoga center in order to him / herself, reports Page Six.

Simmons is currently at Yoga Barn in Ubud, to distance themselves from the charges against him. The police of New York has a research to him and, in anticipation thereof, focuses the labelboss is now on yoga and meditation.

According to a source is Simmons ’in his search for his spiritual and emotional health’, which he at Yoga Barn hoping to find. The same source claims that the once celebrated muziekbaas is writing a book on spirituality, healing and yoga. About the sexual escapades of Simmons repte the source with no word.

To date, denies Simmons all the allegations: “These awful allegations shock me to the depths of my soul. All the relationships I’ve had were mutual.”

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