“Reizen Waes” absolute kijkcijferkampioen of past televisiejaar

e8dc83b467530f6f7848a0c89cc383ee - "Reizen Waes" absolute kijkcijferkampioen of past televisiejaar

The episode of the travel program “Travel Waes” of channel One on 5 march last year was released, this is the absolute kijkcijferhit of 2017 with (rounded) 1.944.000 viewers. This is evident from the CIM-viewers of the past year.

At number 2 is the episode of the soap opera “Home” of 2 February 1.549.000 viewers, and on three of the quiz “Blocks”, the episode of december 10, with 1.542.000 viewers. Gold, silver and bronze for the public broadcaster. Also on the fourth place, we come to the VRT again, this time with the delivery of 8 January of the fictieserie “Beau Séjour” with 1.536.000 viewers. Only on the 5th place, we find for the first time a commercial broadcaster, channel Four, with the episode of 21 december of the humorous quiz “The Smartest Man” with Erik Van Looy with 1.503.000 viewers.

Then follows on 6 the qualifier of the Red Devils in Greece with 1.464.000 viewers, On 7 the humorous quiz “3 Wise men” of april 23, with 1.459.000 viewers and an 8 the Red Duivelsmatch of 10 October and against Cyprus with 1.443.000 viewers, on 9 the hospital-docusopas “Rush 24/7” with 1.430.000 viewers and 10 the second most popular fiction series “When the levees break”, the episode of 2 January, with 1.406.000 viewers.

Eighteen of the twenty programs in the top 20 his television programs. The most watched program of Medialaan, the sketchesprogramma “All Chris” of Chris van den Durpel, is on place 17.

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