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Red Bull makes date presentation of the new F1 car, known

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Red Bull will be its new F1 car, the RB14, next Monday to show the world, as late as the Austrian formation know with a tweet.

That they at Red Bull have their new car as early proposals, it is interesting to mention because they are in Milton Keynes traditionally wait until the last moment because she is always the maximum from the available time.

In 2018, depart they of that train of thought off, and they want the car as early as possible during the first day of testing as much as possible of kilometres to grind without too many new parts have to fit in.

Team boss Christian Horner describes it as follows:

“We aim now at a slightly earlier release, but five days earlier. The design – and production schedules are so tight that those five days can do to you’re behind schedule. We want for the first tests to be able to one hundred laps.”

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