PSV’De Jong is ‘totally crazy’ way of whistling Nijhuis

5b176d3ce1ef254c3033b5b9b46680ea - PSV'De Jong is 'totally crazy' way of whistling Nijhuis

PSV eindhoven’Luuk de Jong has not a good word to say about the way of flutes, from Bas Nijhuis Saturday in the away game against Sparta Rotterdam. The attacker finds that he by the referee not enough protection is taken.

“I am very fond of,” says De Jong in conversation with The Telegraph in his opinion are not under the chairs or benches.

“Of course, we now know all that Nijhuis little flute and duels let go. But there is also a border. That you have as a referee to monitor. Therein I found him very mediocre. He had far too much to continue.”

The Young got into The Castle a few nice tapping process of the Spartans, Julian Chabot and Sander Fischer, but Nijhuis saw in the actions of the two centrumverdedigers often not even a violation.

“I just don’t understand that you want to whistle. Steven Bergwijn will get a kick in the second half, he does nothing. I have a few beech trees, one behind the other, nothing”, says De Jong.

“Sparta has fifteen violations behind each other, without anyone there a map for. It is very difficult to get them to go, if you suddenly as a referee. That is a very, very frustrating.”

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