Pence: U.S. ready for talks with Pyongyang

715fe2d1d67b37c62349b134c943fc75 - Pence: U.S. ready for talks with Pyongyang

WASHINGTON – The United States are prepared with North Korea to talk about its nuclear programme, but in the meantime, the pressure on the regime of Kim Jong-un. That has vice-president Mike Pence said in an interview with the Washington Post.

Pence has during the winter Olympics with the South Korean president, Moon Jae-in have spoken about the engagement, that he,at the same time, maximum pressure and full commitment”. ,,The point is that the pressure will be lifted if they really do something to make a meaningful step to take to kernontwapening,” said Pence on the way back from Pyeongchang. ,,So the maximum pressure remains and will increase. But if you want to talk, then we talk.”

President Trump has previously said that North Korea is prepared to declare its nuclear program to dismantle before talks can take place.

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