Paloma Faith-it shields baby from the press

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Paloma Faith gave birth in december to her first child, that she together with her husband Leyman Lahchine got, but the singer keeps her jaws firmly together, as far as information about the small. So will they not say if they are a boy or girl and what name he or she has received. This is reported in the Uk’s You Magazine.

“Due to privacy reasons I will not say anything about my child. I have chosen my life as I do, with the awareness there, but my child is not. I have multiple children of celebs spoken to who told me all that difficult for them was to grow up with famous parents. I want my child to ’normal’ schools and friends that have different backgrounds. Just as a human being, not as the child of a famous person.”

The British wants her child genderneutraal educate and abolish, therefore, all sorts of different types of toys. “Dolls are important for both boys and girls. Children can learn about education and care. Just as important is that each child will learn about things to build and cars to play. I want my child to feel free to be who he or she is. That is why I have no problem with it if they are not with gender-specific toys want to play.”

The birth was hell, known the singer. “Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. I had an emergency c-section, so that I have an infection down and three months to stay in bed. I was very disappointed about. I had so been looking forward to getting a child, but I couldn’t be the mother I wanted to be in that first period after the birth. Although it was the most terrible that I have ever experienced, I over again,” says Paloma.

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