Newlywed prince Harry and Meghan Markle in carriage rides through Windsor to “fans to enjoy”

735c6529244429e9d61363af0b866ef1 - Newlywed prince Harry and Meghan Markle in carriage rides through Windsor to "fans to enjoy"

Kensington Palace has details disclosed about the marriage of the British prince Harry with fiancée Meghan Markle. The couple will be on Saturday, may 19 at 12 noon to get married in St George’s Chapel, after which the newly minted couple in a carriage will drive around to “as many people as possible along to enjoy”.

Fans of the British royal family will be able to enjoy the wedding of their prince, and the “Suits”actress Megan Markle. After the ceremony, which takes place in St George’s Chapel of Windsor Castle, and where their vows will take for the archbishop of Canterbury, they will make a trip in a carriage. It’s going to take a trip of about three miles through Castle Hill, High Street, Sheet Street, Kings Road and Albert Road to along Long Walk back to Windsor Castle.

The church wedding will start at 12.00 pm and lasts an hour. After their trip with the carriage, they are expected at a reception in St. George’s Hall. Afterwards, a dinner and a party for family and friends. Prince Charles will this evening host, just as in 2011, he did the same for William and Kate. “Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are very grateful for the many congratulations which they have received since they have their engagement announced”, says a spokesperson from Kensington Palace. “They look very hard forward to their big day and that they currently will be able to share with the public.”

In addition, it is waiting for more details. So it’s a fact that the wedding day on tv will be broadcast. American fans of Markle have their alarm clock because of the time difference. In Meghans ‘hometown Los Angeles, where her mother lives, one must to 4 hours at night for the tube to go to the fairy tale live to follow.

About the witnesses – perhaps prince William – is still not a word is said. William is also patron of the Football Association (FA). In that capacity, he is living normally the cup final (FA Cup) at Wembley stadium in and hand the trophy out. That final will still take place on 19 may. The question is whether the marriage of his brother and the match can be used?

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