Nathalie Delporte writes your love letter and speaks that also in

Nathalie Delporte writes your love letter and speaks that also in

“We are old and get used to each other. We think the same.
We read each other’s minds. We know what the other wants without asking. Sometimes irritate each other a little bit. Sometimes we find each other even what is obvious.
But now and then, like today, I think about it, and I realize how lucky I have that I my life with the most amazing woman I have ever met. You have fascinated me always, you inspire me still.
You have a positive influence on me. You’re the object of my desire, the number one earthly reason for my existence. I love a lot of you.”

The letter that Johnny Cash to his wife June Carter wrote in 1994, was a while ago, as the most beautiful love letter ever elected. In 2018 we often come no further than a short text message, or Facebookberichtje, but honestly? Who gets the not hot a delicious piece of old-fashioned and handwritten courtship in an envelope? Radiopresentatrice Nathalie Delporte launches the website They put your feelings on paper or talking them in. The letter or the sound you get then – good old-fashioned, through the post. The recipient does not necessarily have to be your partner: you can also a loving send a letter to your child, your parents, your sister, brother, a friend,… Or who knows, you are looking for inspiration for a wedding ceremony, a speech, or the farewell of a loved one.

In a time of chat, WhatsAppen and Facebookberichtjes – where everything is in the cloud disappears, and thus far in your mind – it is additional fun to take a letter to get either to write. In that way, your love is something very very tangible.

But does writing a letter is not for everyone. Often the words in your head, but you get them on paper. Nathalie inspires you and write for you a personal text for a ceremony for your marriage, a christening, or during the farewell of a loved one… You can tell roughly what there is certainly in have to come in and she translates that to a loving, personal text, as you want to – but can’t.
Even what is valuable? You can your lover(s) also a spoken audio clip to deliver. With background music, for those who want to. Together with ex-radiocollega Herbert Bruynseels – that the man’s voice for his account, writes Nathalie a text which they subsequently read. Or imagine this: you find in the attic at your parents ‘ old love letters back and you surprised them with a recording. How original!

Nathalie: “As a presenter and speaker I am often asked to wedding ceremonies to care for and help. Increasingly I get from couples is also the question of the texts for the solemnity of writing. Because the things that they feel, get them on paper. And just I think that’s fine: people guide and inspire you to have their feelings put into words. Not only on paper but also spoken, with audio.”

How it works? You can choose a typed letter on a good old-fashioned typewriter (58 euro) or a handwritten copy (53 euro). Of course you can go for a typed letter in your favorite font in Word (48 euro).
Prefer an audio file for your dearest? The spoken letter is in a professional environment, in the tone of the writing. A recorded letter (max. 2 A4 pages) for 48 euros. The recipient will receive the usb stick with the audio clip via the mail in the mailbox. Depending for your choice for a women’s or man’s voice, speaking Nathalie or Herbert Bruynseels the letter in.

That get letters – and writing – love lets sprout, is evident also from research. An American university did a survey of couples who mainly via short messages (instant messaging) to negotiate with one another. The researchers showed them real letters to each other writing. And what was the result? Of all the couples who participate in the study, were more relationships to standing up for those who have the pen back in the hand names. And after the experiment remained their communications striking much improved, both on paper and in everyday life.

For those who, by the way – consciously or unconsciously – had forgotten. On February 14, is Valentine’s day. A great day for corny clichés. Candlelit dinners, rose petals on the stairs, a bouquet of flowers, chocolates or jewelry,… But romance is of course the best is in all simplicity, with a message that come straight from the heart. A letter to love you, so, this time?
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