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Max Verstappen: “With a Mercedes engine dominate I the F1”

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According to Max Verstappen would be the Red Bull F1 team and Formula 1 dominate if not with a Renault engine with a Mercedes engine would drive it.

Last season was the Red Bull F1 team often plagued by engine problems. On top of that there was also mention that the Renault engine is not as powerful as the engines of Mercedes and Ferrari.

Max Verstappen and team-mate Daniel Ricciardo were also arranged with engine troubles on the side, all they managed together, in three races to win. According to Verstappen had Red Bull F1, however, can dominate if they have the Mercedes engine had.

“If we have a Mercedes engine in the rear of our car had stitches then I think they would never see again,” said Verstappen, as opposed to ‘’. “Ours is not as consistent as that of Mercedes and Ferrari.”

According to Verstappen, however, it is not easy to see the competitive disadvantage compared to Mercedes and Ferrari resolve quickly. That is, according to him, the reason why the Renault engine is still not the equivalent of the engines of Mercedes and Ferrari.

“It has different things to do, otherwise, they were at Renault, of course, already long ago resolved.”

Verstappen hopes for next season, at least more for victories to be able to compete and, if possible, of course, also the world title. The Dutchman had only recently understood that his first laps with the new F1 car during the first preparatory wintertests many will tell you about what he and Red Bull from next season, should expect.

The first wintertest in preparation of the new F1 season begins on 26 February.

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