Luuk de Jong is furious: ‘I am very fond of Nijhuis’

c57ead906c81dd0b96332f51ec42e49f - Luuk de Jong is furious: 'I am very fond of Nijhuis'

For Luuk de Jong is the size full. The performance of referee Bas Nijhuis during the won uitduel with Sparta Rotterdam (1-2) gives him a wry aftertaste. “I am very fond of.”

That The Young are like that, says something about the frustrations which he wandering about on The Castle. Trainer Phillip Cocu had to be captain – in the absence of the injured Marco van Ginkel – from the side several times to comfort her. Mad, get even, let it go, tried the coach one of his most experienced players.

“Of course, we now know all that Nijhuis little flute and duels let go. But there is also a border. That you have as a referee to monitor. Therein I found him very mediocre. He had far too much to continue,” said The Young, that his dissatisfaction immediately after the final whistle already showed, and about twenty minutes later, in the catacombs of The Castle deeper on the matter went.

Very frustrating

“I just don’t understand that you want to whistle. Steven Bergwijn will get a kick in the second half, he does nothing. I have a few beech trees, one behind the other, nothing. Sparta has fifteen violations behind each other, without anyone there a map for. It is very difficult to get them to go, if you suddenly as a referee. That is a very, very frustrating.”

Rarely will the veertienvoudig international of Orange fuming about the field have walked out during a win. His protests to the address of the generous arbitration of the measure, in his eyes, no effect. In fact, in the final stage was The Young correct a violation after a small nudge in the back of his opponent.

‘Only for him’

“Talk will only backfire at Nijhuis. Sometimes I scream, not once, I would like to just talk about it, but I have already the idea that he alone, therefore, against me, whistling. That was last season, even though, as is often the case. I came quietly up to him to say something, and I got a yellow card in my face printed. Yes, that is just this referee. Fortunately, we won, that’s the main thing.”

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