Luminary Vermeer takes it on for van la parra

839d686cd36be9ae753126fa13ee7707 - Luminary Vermeer takes it on for van la parra

It was a week of extremes for Kenneth Vermeer. His weekday debut in the cup for Club Brugge and was one to quickly forget, but in the league game against Waasland-Beveren (1-1) dropped the final item to see that he indeed can be of value for the reigning Belgian champion. Already took out Rajiv van la parra, unintentionally, a lot of luster off of his strong performance.

Last Thursday was allowed to Vermeer for the first show, in what is for Club Brugge to a duel of the resurrection was to be. After the 4-1 defeat in the heenwedstrijd against Standard Liege, had the team for it’s own audience at least three times to score, and especially the purpose of cleaning to have a chance to win the cup final. But Vermeer if the self-charge on that mission, nothing landed. The Dutchman went after five minutes of painful in error, after he after a corner kick under the ball went through and still in strong position to make the ears. Club Brugge won with 3-2, but the victory was worth nothing.

Despite his unfortunate occur if Vermeer yesterday afternoon restart of Bruges-trainer Ivan Leko. And this time let the Feyenoord-mercenary is positive apply. Short for rest stopped Vermeer a penalty of Waasland Beveren-player Isaac Thelin. “In the past I have called a few penalties stopped, but it is not a specialty”, was the goalkeeper after modest about his rescue, that Club Brugge are three points seemed to deliver when Hans Vanaken in the second half, however accurate, was from eleven metres.

In injury time saw Vermeer heldenrol by the hands of a fellow countryman, however, go up in smoke. With an unfortunate reflex changed van la parra a shot (that, in addition to was gone) such direction that the goal disappeared: 1-1. “I saw the ball go next and all of a sudden I saw van la parra to the ball to move”, defends Vermeer and his colleague. “This is just a natural reaction. He tries just that ball way to work and that makes it difficult to blame you.”

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