London City airport closed after discovery of world war II-bomb

5a8883b09b3248715f2e0392e3a981eb - London City airport closed after discovery of world war II-bomb

London City Airport – the smallest airport of the British capital – is Sunday night as a precaution, shut down after a bomb from the Second world War was found on a nearby dock.

This is reported by the airport through Twitter. The morning flight Monday from and to London at the airport of Antwerp in Deurne is already deleted. On the evening flight there would be around noon should be clarity.

The bomb was Sunday at 5 p.m. local time (6 pm (Belgian time) found during work on the King George V Dock, which is an extension of the only runway of the airport in East London. After specialists of the British navy had determined that the bomb could still explode, the police around 22 hours local time, a safety zone of 214 metres in, which also means that London City Airport had to close.

“All passengers on Monday, depart at London City are advised to contact their airline for more information. Passengers are advised to until further notice to and from the airport’, says the on the twitter account of London City Airport.

Monday at London City including two each for departing and arriving flights from VLM Airlines from and to the airport of Antwerp is planned. The flight at 7 am had to leave in Antwerp is already deleted, just as the return flight that at 9.40 pm would arrive. On the flight to London, 17.40 pm and the return flight to 20.30 hours would arrive, according to VLM no clarity. London City would be around the afternoon, a state of affairs. VLM let them know that there for the four flights together about a hundred people a ticket booked.

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