Lawyer: ’Gordon spreads nepnieuws’

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The lawyer of the alleged new love of Gordon writes in a letter to RTL that his client knows nothing of reports against him.

The lawyer accused Gordon of the spread of nepnieuws. “In addition to stalking, there is now also talk of libel and slander,” said the lawyer. The letter follows after Gordon on social media let us know in a state of shock by the warnings he received about his new love Kevin Bulgac. He reported that he was approached by women who press charges against the man had done so because she by him secretly filmed during sex acts. Gordon accused his ’new love’ of leading a double life.

The lawyer said on behalf of his client against the RTL that there is no or was of a love affair, and accused Gordon of stalking. The management of Gordon can be a letter expect, which is threatened with a lawsuit if the presenter does not stop to messages about the case.

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