Kim Cattrall and Jessica Parker have a quarrel

b91bd22dddf7cb248b97686f8af32ca9 - Kim Cattrall and Jessica Parker have a quarrel

It’s bovenarms between “Sex and the city”actresses Kim Cattrall and Jessica Parker. Cattrall is not set up with the “compassion” of Parker after the death of Cattralls brother Christopher. That last one was found dead after he disappeared was disappeared from his home in Canada. “I have your support is not needed in these tragic times,” writes Catrall on Instagram as a message to Parker. “My mother asked me today: “When will that hypocritical Sarah Jessica Parker to leave you alone?”” So begins Kim Cattrall the Instagrampost that is completely at the address of the Parker. “How can you still be in contact, is a painful reminder of how foul you really are, then and now. I want this to be very clear: you’re not family, you’re also my girlfriend. I write to you one last time to say that you are our tragedy do not have to use your image of “fun girl” to restore.”

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