Jort Kelder new face.

f0e613f7e61c9d56bcf49432605f16d9 - Jort Kelder new face.

Jort Kelder is next season, one of the faces of Buitenhof. He replaces a season-long Pieter Jan Hagens, who with his sailboat for a trip to Suriname.

“I feel flattered, but especially challenged, a year to be a part of this institute on a Sunday afternoon”, says Jort. “In addition to creating light-hearted programmes for the public service broadcaster, had I been a wish for me on the good call to deposit. That try I now every week on NPO Radio 1 with dr. Kelder and Co and I hope in the near future also with full commitment to Buitenhof.”

Basement is from August 26, to see in the weekly discussion. Buitenhof should also be looking for a replacement for Marcia Luyten. She made the previous month after this season to stop.

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