Jettie Pallettie is 10 years on the shelves

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Jettie Pallettie celebrates a party. She is 10 years on the stage, and will celebrate on Saturday, april 28. There is with “Pints & Rumbling” that night a new album proposed that consists of 15 new songs and a bonus track. Ten years ago, Jettie’s career with “I’m sitting in a café”. On that new cd, that song is now also a new version. A year pulled the team around Jettie Pallettie to the Goldfinger Studio this brand new studio album.
Place to be on april 28 at the Chloe Hall, Merellaan 46 9400 Ninove. Jettie has for that evening, also a lot of fellow artists are invited to for additional ambiance. Which artists are o.a. De Deurzakkers, Filip D haeze, Dimitri Vantomme, Yves Segers, Willy Sommers and the Stardancers chorus girls. Seats cost € 20, while a spot on the Polonaiseplein € 15. Tickets must be made by mail to be ordered on

Text: Nico Vanaken

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