Ingeborg will experience the emotional rollercoaster with Luk Alloo

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Luk Alloo brings a few days with the emotional rollercoaster Ingeborg. Always the eternal optimiste until they are in front of the cameras of Luk very emotional if it turns out that they are in the tv recordings themselves can not and the impression in a mould to be stopped. Because Ingeborg is especially authentic. No let that intrude. That is the reason, she explains why she was at the time also stopped with tv.
Ingeborg: “Authenticity is the most important thing. And if you can’t, then I run everything to it. They want me to change, and I have no sense in it. I don’t want to change. But if that doesn’t resonate, then this is a problem. I know again why I stopped with tv. I had to of glass stairs come and do as if nothing is going on.”

Ingeborg with her meditation and spirituality, always ‘zen’ goes through life, is a misunderstanding, ” she says. “Relax? When everything in me says no? There is a great misunderstanding about yoga and meditation. That is not about the pills pack and lie still. Yoga is the beast in you wake up and in the light. So your power is released.”
The following months, she wants to matter again disappear from the screen after they are in the spotlight again with the song ‘Gratitude’ and various tv appearances.
Ingeborg: “I feel now much more than before that people like me like to have. Probably because I’m more for an open. I hear that they miss me. And that they continue to do. Because after Alloo When I’m gone.”

With programs such as Blind Date and Schuifaf was Ingeborg, at the time, a tv monument. The last years she focused on yoga and the spiritual. The “Queen of the Meditation” Luk her, as she with him in the car to get for a ride along her past, her high school.
Ingeborg: “I have a happy childhood. Definitely an interesting youth, like most people who get up on a stage and wanting attention. I called already on my 15th to the school to begin with, but was told that I still have three years to wait. It could not be soon enough.”

Alloo, dinsdagavodn on VTM.
For many viewers it remains Ingeborg forever the procuress of Blind Date. But even now, she admits, she is still matchmaking.
Ingeborg: “I believe in love. I’m still a Blind Date, but not for the cameras. If I know people, and think they will click. That people other than find, I find adorable. But it should not stand out.”

After a few days with a lot of talk attracts Luk with Ingeborg to the sea, to Wenduine. On the beach in the direction of The Rooster is they only really for rest. And then is silent for Ingeborg. If they are on the beach walk, a drink the songs in her.

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