Huub van der Lubbe has found peace

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Huub van der Lubbe does not need more, if necessary, every day and every evening something to do. The 64-year-old singer of The Dike seems to be calm to have found. “Occasionally, I want nothing.”

“Until two years ago, I found nothing more enjoyable than the one thing in the other roles; from a performance to a rehearsal, an interview, to write,” says Van der Lubbe in an interview in The newspaper het Parool.

“It’s like tonight with Teuntje to the theater and afterwards, out there and there’s some drinking, hup. With the tongue out of the mouth are engaged, and on to the next activity. I don’t have that anymore. (…) Well, that is for the first time in my life.”


Completely still, he does not, of course. Since this week’s run Of der Lubbe, for example, the piece Solo , in which his musical heroes honors.

The singer is in conversation with the newspaper itself, a package leaflet for: “Heroes only exist in your head. Once you know someone, it’s already almost no hero more. Get ie also human traits. (…) Cherish them especially in your head.”

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