Hundreds arrested for ’promotion’ Kurds

8be0efcb06e1ab61667c3bb639983d75 - Hundreds arrested for ’promotion’ Kurds

ANKARA – Last week in Turkey 474 people arrested, because they are the banned extremist Turkish-Kurdish PKK, or the main party of the Kurds in Syria, the PYD, have recommended.

The Turkish ministry of the Interior made Monday, according to the newspaper Hürriyet announced that among the arrested 192 people in addition have protested against Turkish military operations in the region of Afrin in the northwest of Syria, not far from the Turkish border.

The purpose of the Turkish military to intervene in Afrin is the displacement of the YPG militia of the Syrian Kurds. The YPG (Volksbeschermingseenheden) constitute the armed branch of the political movement PYD (Party of Democratic Union).

That was fifteen years ago in Syria, was founded. The leader of the PYD, Salih Muslim, is on a black list of wanted terrorists, reported Hürriyet on Monday.

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