Guardiola thinks that De Bruyne hegemony of Messi and Ronaldo can break

64176ac44c1ac96361a10545bad143a7 - Guardiola thinks that De Bruyne hegemony of Messi and Ronaldo can break

Josep Guardiola considers Kevin De Bruyne to the Golden Ball to win. Condition is that the Belgian big prizes win with Manchester City.

The Golden Ball, the award for best footballer in the world, since 2008, won by Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. According to Guardiola is De Bruyne in state hegemony to break.

“Without a doubt. He don’t leave it in one game, but the whole season. Every three days he again delivered top performances”, said the manager of Manchester City against Sky Sports.

De Bruyne was Saturday in the 5-1 victory at Leicester City good for three assists. “But he and everyone knows that you are a lot of titles to win, especially the Champions League, for a chance to win the Golden Ball”, said the Spanish manager. “But it is difficult to find in Europe a better player than he is.”

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De Bruyne was this season, already good for seven hits and eighteen assists in the Premier League. He says not to worry about individual prices.

“To be honest, I’m only concerned with the game. I do what I need to do for the team,” said the midfielder. “It is something where you after to go back to see if you the Golden Ball have won. Now I’m going to me not to worry about.”

The 26-year-old midfielder, with City aiming to stay ahead in the Premier League. In the eighth finals of the Champions League, the English Tuesday night in Switzerland against FC Basel.

On February 25, plays City against Arsenal in the final of the League Cup. The team of Guardiola is also still active in the FA Cup. In the fifth round is on Monday next week, Wigan Athletic – a leader in the League One – the opponent.

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