Gordon violently shocked’ after discovering ‘double life, new love’

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Gordon, who on Monday photos shared of a new love, discovered shortly after, that this man “a double life leads”.

The singer places Monday night, a message on Facebook in which he says that, after the sharing of the photos, discovered that his new friend “in the relations maintained with men and women”.

“I am heavily shocked by the reactions,” says Gordon. “I was the last few months deeply in love with and he me, I thought. I could, after the disappointment that my trouwshow entailed for me and for the viewers, almost not believing that such a person as he is on my path would come”, he writes.

Secretly filmed

From the comments on the photos showed that “some ladies have registered at police, because they secretly filmed during sex acts”.

The singer says that it is not to recognize in these stories. “I am in shock that someone so intensely in common.”

“Even though I am a dyed in the wool dyed with all the disappointments in the area of love, this is yet again hard to improve. The deliberate someone voorliegen and cheating is for me a character trait that I will never accept next to me.”

Little bit of luck

“Ah, now everyone can t know also! My love! You are my treasure”, wrote Gordon on earlier on Facebook a series of photos of the two.

Through the years, had the 49-year-old presenter and singer didn’t have much luck in his love life. Last year he went through the tv looking for a man in the program, Gordon is going to marry… but with whom?

The presenter decided at the end of the ride, a marriage does not have to convert because he does not have the right feelings for the remaining candidates, Roger and Manuel.

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