Gigi Hadid answers cyberpesters

3040b30bb1b638e84a3fb993e7d1afdf - Gigi Hadid answers cyberpesters

Through a number of tweets has Gigi Hadid made it clear to all comments on social media about her already too thin body insanely bored, actually. The model gave an explanation about the Hashimoto’s disease which she suffers, an autoimmune disease in which the thyroid gland becomes inflamed.

“For everyone who gave me too thick was when I was in my 17th in the fashion industry began when my illness was still not fixed and I was swollen because I fought unflinchingly. Over the past years, I have the correct medication been administered to fight the symptoms, such as extreme fatigue and problems with my metabolism. Although stress and travel a lot the body also can attack, I have always the same eaten. My body can now only better process, because my health is better. Maybe I’m in for some people now to thin again, although I do prefer not so thin would like it to be as it is now, but I feel healthier than ever.”

The half-Dutch Gigi wants to go by: “I am not going to further justify how I look. That would be at all no one need do, how you look. I don’t want anybody to condemn, but drugs are definitely not my thing. So please please be with me in the box, because you do not know how my body has developed over the past years.”

Finally, says the model that she hopes that all users of social media and people in general a little more empathy for each other, because you never know what someone’s true story. “Use your energy to another pulling up, instead of nasty remarks to make.”

The statements of support flowed in, including Kendall Jenner and Chrissy Teigen.

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