George Clooney was sometimes scared to death in Darfur

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Especially a car trip to Kadugli remains him.

George Clooney during his visit to Darfur occasionally doodsangsten pain. That’s what he says in an interview with David Letterman. That makes it special for Netflix the talk show, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. The program with the actor since a couple of days to see on the streaming service.

Clooney made several trips to Sudan when he decided the “slow genocide” in the country in the public domain. He asked his father Nick to go to the brutal civil war in the country to beat.

To Letterman told Clooney that one trip to him is forgotten. “We were trying to visit a town called Kadugli, which is a very dangerous place to reach. People warned us that Kadugli’t reach it, ‘ he explained. The road was governed by child soldiers that are on everything and everyone shoot. “It may so happen that you get out of your car is drawn by a boy of fourteen, who you on the spot shoots”, said the actor.

Clooney told quite scared to have been when she was still on the way went to Kadugli.

For My Next Guest Needs No Introduction visited Letterman also the parents of George in Kentucky, and he spent time with the Iraqi student that the Clooneys shelter have been granted. Hazim Avdal and his family were persecuted by ISIS terrorists because of their Yezidi faith. He is now sponsored by the Clooneys while he was training in the U.S. follows.

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