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Gatz insists on respect for cultural organisations

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Flemish Cultuurminister Sven Gatz asks the police to be respectful to cultural organisations and associations. ‘And not as brutal and violent as that in the invasion at Globe Aroma was the case.’

Globe Aroma describes itself as ‘an Open Kunstenhuis in Brussels, an accessible artistic refuge where refugees and asylum seekers, Brussels(anus), the district(residents), the experts high level and the world of art come together.’

Friday afternoon, got the vzw the visit of the Brussels police and number of audit services, including the federal department of Finance. Who conducted an inspection in the framework of the npo law. The police and the services controlled also a number of attendees and staff. A dozen of them seemed to have no identity papers to be able to present. Seven people were arrested.

The right to control

According to Gatz, it was a action in the framework of the Kanaalplan and was the initiative of the federal judicial police. He acknowledges that the services have the right to carry out checks, also at cultural organizations or associations. But he insists on respect. ‘Principles as transparency, proportionality and professionalism required on all inspections – including police and social audits – a high level’, stressed Monday he.

It can according to the minister, not the meaning of that cultural centres or associations, the identity of their visitors will need to go, nor that the police in the framework of an assistance with social inspection and targeted, will be transferred to the hold, or show people that is not a valid staying-papers. be able to present.

The minister is his message to his own words, ” to deliver to the ministers of Internal Affairs, Work, Social Affairs and the Fight against Social Fraud. He wants to be with them in a dialogue.

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