Friend Gordon turns out SCAMMER!

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The new friend of Gordon now appears to be a scammer. Gordon placed a message on Facebook in which he in reaction to this news is to let you know in a severe shock.

After the disappointment of the trouwshow thought Gordon now finally after months of intense love with the true to have found it: Kevin Bulgac. But it turns out that this Kevin is a double life leads and multiple relationships maintained with men and women. Some of the women would be reported to the police at the police because the scammer them secretly filmed during sex.

According to Gordon remain the messages, ask him to come in. “I recognize nothing of this in person where I was happy with last time and am also in shock that someone so intensely in common. I can’t believe that someone that’s going to be a dokterseed must give in to such onetische things to catch up with ladies and gentlemen who nothing suspecting boarding in a pink cloud of love.”

And as he himself says, he is already quite experienced in the field of grief in love, but this is yet again, hard’.

The lawyer of Kevin, Gordon wrote a letter in which he even denies an ’affective relationship’ with him had to have, reports RTL. Remarkable, given that pictures on the Instragramaccount of Gordon, where they were joined on the stand.

This morning was Gordon right on Instagram known that he was the love of his life now had found in Kevin. On that post he got many responses from girls which to him were also know to have a relationship with Kevin.

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