Fockeline Ouwerkerk and fans in tears after Moordvrouw

575afc0e1b4319085f994a3d27b4c081 - Fockeline Ouwerkerk and fans in tears after Moordvrouw

Fockeline Ouwerkerk was completely in tears at the end of her role in Moordvrouw. “I have just killed,” she says in a video that they last night shared on Twitter. Medespeelster Wendy van Dijk tries to get her to give comfort.

“I’ve been so cried about, I can’t cry”, is the response Of a Dike on the emotions of Ouwerkerk, keeping her a comforting kiss on the cheek. “So really I am still there, but not in Moordvrouw,” said the grief-stricken actress. She advises her fans: “don’t cry, I’m still there, only not as Liselotte” after a ‘kiss’ for her fans to close off with: Ps: I loved t also not dry though…”.

Fans life with her and to know her character Liselotte to miss. Hearts and crying smileys are not of the air, as well as emotional expressions. “Moordvrouw will never be the same without you.”

Her role in Moordvrouw came in yesterday to an end when Fockelines character by a murderous hacker with a toxic injection, was shot and killed.

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