Fly to Russia? Choose the train, which is safer

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The plane crash last weekend, is doing the reputation of the Russian aviation again, not a virtue. With the world cup in the prospect of Russian agencies still prefer free tickets than tourists on the plane.

‘You’re disturbed. You should not take an aircraft of such a small society within Russia to fly?’ The answer to my question a few years ago or I didn’t for a song from one …

‘You’re disturbed. You should not take an aircraft of such a small society within Russia to fly?’ The answer to my question a few years ago or I would not for a bargain from one Siberian city to another would fly instead of take the train, was in unison unfavourable to the Russians. “Take a train, seriously, that is cheaper and above all safer.’

The good counsel of aunt Catherine is no curiosity in Russia, where last weekend a passenger plane from Saratov Airlines crashed shortly after his departure in Moscow. None of the 71 passengers survived the crash.

Many accidents

This is the list of accidents involving smaller airlines in the country again for longer. For instance, in 2011, almost the entire hockey team of Lokomotiv Jaroslavl of dropped off the map when their aircraft of the company Yak Service crashed. For the Russians, who at that time one of the best hockeyteams in the world lost, it was a national tragedy.

In 2013 overtook the Russian aviation again to the world by a crash of Tatarstan Airlines, which was the son of the Tatar president Rustam Minnichanov to the life came. Barely a year later died, the chief executive of the French company Total, and when his plane against a snow blower collided.

The ‘rusty Tupolev’

After each crash was – especially in the anglo-Saxon press – meesmuilend raised that the small Russian air carriers not be otherwise than liable to frequent crashing, because there probably rusted parts from the soviet period. However, the components from the period of the Soviet Union is not the biggest culprit. The components often work fine, but the maintenance is not to write home.

Because small companies still managed to escape quality control of international bodies, kannibaliseren they are old aircraft. The parts that they can use, they take from the retired unit to them without further control in their devices. Corruption in sporadic inspections is rife.

Especially the (fake)pilot fails

Although obsolete materials and components, unmistakably play a role, to play in the small-scale air carriers in Russia are mainly human errors play a role. Student-pilots with the financial resources and/or exceptional talent to choose soon for Aeroflot, the Russian luchtvaartreus with more than 140 aircraft, and for reputable training centers. Student pilots who are not with a silver spoon in the mouth born, to smaller centres with less resources, knowledge, and legacy infrastructure is referred. That last group is not familiar with new technologies and with foreign or distant travel.

The investigation of the crash of Tatarstan Airlines, for example, it appeared that there was nothing wrong with the plane. The pilots were panicked when it appeared that she did not immediately countries were allowed in Kazakhstan, and they had no techniques are taught to stay safe circling over the airport. They had always practiced in their own region, where such procedures are non-existent. Their improvisation led to that the plane crashed.

In small societies, it is also not impossible to get your pilotendiploma to falsify. The pilots who neerstortten when the famous hockey team from Jaroslavl was on board, had false papers and diploma’s in your pocket. They were also under the influence of ‘prohibited substances’.

Who safely wants to fly, flies great

You have to be crazy to be on a plane to Russia? Even Russian tourist offices give free tickets away during the world cup to avoid the tourists on all sorts of flights of steps.

Small, unknown companies at rock bottom prices fly, are to be avoided. An alternative for those who do not want to waste time and yet according to the international safety regulations, wants to fly, are the big companies, such as Aeroflot and S7 Airlines. The government is pumping billions into the companies, so you will have to fly in aircraft with modern Western technology and parts. A flight costs soon 150 to 250 euro (depending on the distance). Also medium-sized companies are now reliable, since Russia in the past years invested a lot in the modernisation.

Or of course you can opt for the train, as the Russians suggest. People not only surprised by the landscapes and the diligent cleaning ladies on board, but may also meet at least one grandmother (babushka) who is on the way to her grandchildren in the city and a few of her homemade dishes to taste. Also, be prepared for some criticism. ‘You are disturbed, with the train travelling as a Westerner? Take a flight of Aeroflot. It might be expensive, but it is faster and especially more comfortable.’

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