Flemish singer by the eye of the needle by accident

ef93ca1951302b322c3f6cfd5a957d1f - Flemish singer by the eye of the needle by accident

Bad luck for the Flemish singer Angel, her real name is actually Lynn the Fox, The wife of Diego De Pitaboys. The singer was Monday morning on the job when they have an accident on the E313. The singer had suffered from the low hanging sun that came to mind. In the accident hit the singer seriously hurt, she was with the ambulance to the hospital where they the morning and afternoon on the pitch had to spend. “Fortunately there is nothing serious going on. I have tremendous neck pain, chest pain, shoulder that hurts, the seatbelt in my chest and a horrible headache from the blow” said Angel. The singer is glad that it is not more than that. “I know one thing and that is that I am seriously lucky to have had and that I have a guardian angel have, because this could be a lot worse is over.”

Angel’s a few days outside of battle, her car is no longer able to help her through the country to carry to the gigs. Angel restores at the moment of the accident.

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