Extended response lawyer alleged love Gordon

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The attorney of K. B., the alleged new love of Gordon, in a comprehensive response to The Telegraph/Private gave more details about the behaviour of Gordon, what he klassificeert as stalking.

Van der Velde, of the law firm Alpha’s Lawyers, is doing a book open about the messages Gordon to K. B. would have sent. “There is dozens of posts, several per hour.” K. B. would rely heavily pressured by ’the frequency of the messages.” “He is personally very much approached.”

But not only that, but Gordon would give him even already threatened with the destruction of his career. “He has also threatened. “I’m going to you cause harm to your career’. That I hard heard on a voice mail message, an authentic voice recording,” explains Van der Velde.

According to him, there is in this matter is clearly a matter of ’karaktermoord’ and ’social media campaign’. “Who’s lying there not to. That is immensely damaging. K. B. is a promising doctor, which is an important step in his career is involved. When my client was confronted with the message that he is the love of Gordon’s life, he was very helpful.”

On social media responded to several people on the post of Gordon, in which he K. B. his love, and declared that this man weeks earlier with friends of them in bad lag. Reacts to the lawyer: “And what’s wrong with that? That is exactly the point here, is that someone in his personal life.” Has Gordon that whole romantic story than invented? “I don’t know what is happening in his head, but my mother always said: ‘When something is to good to be true…’.” Also the police reported the existence of the lawyers ’nepnieuws’. “We are here not familiar with it.”

How long the lawyer and the client already know each other, is not relevant, says Van der Velde. However, he knows to report that the stalkerige messages from Gordon, especially the past few days have been sent out. How long K. B., and Gordon, already know each other, he also knows not exactly. “They are each other once met on holiday and they know each other, but that is all.”

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