EU-grant to Oxfam under pressure after ’seksfeestjes’

fffe68726143034e2fa9c5b3a0e99252 - EU-grant to Oxfam under pressure after ’seksfeestjes’

BRUSSELS – As Oxfam Novib is no complete clarity about the sexual misconduct of employees, is the European Commission ready to hit the links with the organisation to disconnect it. “We expect our partners to strict ethical standards to comply with,” said a commissiewoordvoerder.

Staff of the British branch of Oxfam in 2011 in Haiti, present in seksfeesten with young prostitutes, recognized the organization last week. Also, there are messages about misconduct in Chad. “The signals must be directly examined, we want as quickly as possible and maximum transparency”, said the zegsvrouw

In 2011, the EU was 1.7 million euro grant for the British charity program of Oxfam in Haiti. Figured out how that is spent.

Because of the scandal more than seven hundred supporters of the Dutch division of Oxfam Novib for their support terminated, turned out Sunday. The organisation has in the Netherlands about 330.000. Director Farah Karimi said, deeply ashamed, and to have an understanding for the anger of the opzeggers.

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