Ed Sheeran felt too thick

e8450bc1cc131d245c20ecfeeacc4b55 - Ed Sheeran felt too thick

Especially at the beginning of his career, the Briton will focus on to his appearance. That tells the singer in a podcast of his colleague George Ezra.

“Before I was famous, I could me not care so much,” says Ed. “I had a beer gut, wore worn-out clothes, and hit still to have a shower.” According to the singer, he was totally not with his appearance. That changed, however, when he successfully got. Ed had the feeling that he was under a magnifying glass was, and that he is to one or another standard had to comply with.

“I went to me mirror to guys like Justin Bieber and Harry Styles,” he explains. “They were all two well, were slim and muscular. I thought that was necessary in order to have success.” Ed took a few crashdiëten and fell indeed, but he has now stopped with the diet.

“I don’t think there is anyone that my plates not bought because I thick it would be,” he says now. Ed eats and drinks what he wants, but sports on the other hand more than in the past. “That works for me much better than all those diets.”

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