Dream job for chocoladefanaten

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Reading – Chocoholics caution. As much as to eat chocolate, if you will, and at the same time, the cost earn, can. The British zoetwarenfabrikant Cadbury’s is desperately looking to chocoladeproevers and has a vacancy put out to tender.

Experience is not required, the prospective trial professionals are given training at the “taste buds to develop.”

Mondelez International, the company behind Cadbury, Oreo and Milka are looking for no less than four new tasters. The tasks of the new testers are especially taste and talk about good taste for the company to help in the development of new products.

Applicants who by a first selection round will be invited for a beoordelingsdag where they ten sweet snacks to taste. Then the tasters, their findings well can put into words.

People with a food allergy or a special diet be excluded from participation. Candidates are expected to products can testing that gluten, nuts and dairy contain.

For 10 euro per hour pay per hour, the four ’lucky ones’ on a permanent basis to get started. It is not known whether there is a period of probation.

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